Food & Hotel Asia – April 2018, Singapore


24 – 27 April 2018, Singapore.

Held every two years, Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) in Singapore is Asia’s most comprehensive international food & hospitality trade event. Co-located with the the edition of ProWine Asia (Singapore) – a satellite event of the successful ProWein trade fair in Dusseldorf, FHA is the best route to the Asian market for Australian and New Zealand F&B exporters.

With over 70% of its visitors from South East Asia attending FHA for sourcing & purchasing products, you have the opportunity to develop real trade opportunities in the region. FHA attracts buyer groups from countries throughout Asia with 47,630 trade visitors (41.4% from overseas) visiting FHA2016.

Specific sectors of interest include:

  • Bakery & Pastry
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Hospitality Technology
  • Hospitality Style Asia
  • Hotel Asia

Exclusive services

  • Guidance and coordination from Export Solutions (‘ES’) staff in Australia pre show
  • Australian themed booths in a great location, with your brand highly visible, and “Australia” locational signage overhead
  • Furniture package, assistance with additional equipment
  • Experienced on site ES team with high level project management capabilities


  • 97,000 sqm of exhibition area
  • 3,189 exhibiting companies from 71 countries/regions
  • 58 international group pavilions
  • 47,630 trade visitors; 42% are from overseas
  • 142 Australian companies at FHA2016

Downloads and Links

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Why book a stand in the Australian area?

Exhibiting in the Australian area provides the most cost effective means to take advantage of the business opportunities that are present at the show. We do all the hard work for you to free up your time for real business.

It’s all about location, location, location!

We have secured a great location for the Australian exhibitors, providing excellent exposure and highlighting the importance of Australian exhibitors to the market. This will maximize exposure for all Australian exhibitors.

Your own stand in the Australian area

Each minimum 9 and 12 sqm stand includes :

  • Carpeting, Electrics, and Daily Stand Cleaning
  • Big Fascia Name Board with your logo and name
  • 1 x Lockable Counter with your logo
  • 1 x Brochure stand OR 3 x Display Shelves (1m wide x 0.3m deep)
  • 1 x Table and 4 x Chairs
  • 3 x Spotlights
  • 1 x 500W Power Socket (not 24hour)

Note: These are indicative – specific items are not yet finalised.

Register now!

Participating in the custom designed Australian area allows you to retain your own brand and market identity. Stand allocation is made on a first come, first served basis.

Please contact Nurziah Masagoes at Export Solutions on +61 (0)400 999 898 or [email protected]

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