Beurteaux: Seats in Demand

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Beurteaux is a family owned company which manufactures lightweight commercial and transport seating from their new factory in Henderson, Western Australia. The company is one of the leading suppliers to the marine industry worldwide, having fitted out some of the world’s largest high speed ferries with seating for passengers, captains seats, bars and restaurants. Beurteaux has been operating since 1954 and in the past ten years has become a successful exporter to overseas markets. Today, with the assistance of the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) program, they have established marketing offices in Japan, China, Singapore, UK and the USA.


Export Solutions began consulting to Beurteaux in 1998 and ensured they received maximum financial assistance from the EMDG program. This assistance was critical as Beurteaux was progressively establishing offices starting in Singapore and China and with the legislation governing the EMDG changing they needed to be sure they were getting the best support possible from the Export Grants. Export Solutions made sure that their internal administration was not overburdened and made inefficient by over documenting their marketing activities.


  • Export Solutions’ own EMDG KITSM played an integral role in providing expert advice on how to properly capture the critical supporting documentation required for an EMDG claim. This documentation is a crucial pivoting factor in whether grants are approved.

How it works

  • The EMDG KITSM streamlined the process of collecting data and enabled Beurteaux’s administration staff to concentrate on their primary tasks
  • Export Solutions provided expert advice on structuring overseas marketing activities to capitalise on the financial support that was so important for Beurteaux to be able to make an impact in overseas markets

Quote from the client

‘Export Solutions’ management of the EMDG was a crucial link in assisting Beurteaux to expand its operations overseas. With this support we were able to optimise the grant from the government and see our vision of a global enterprise come alive.’

Some issues

The EMDG legislation is constantly being amended. A major issue for Beurteaux and Export Solutions was the cap placed on claiming overseas representative offices and the addition of a new eligible expense category. Careful planning was required at the start of each financial year to ensure Beurteaux received the maximum EMDG grant.

Key benefits

  • Export Solutions’ strategic advice enabled Beurteaux to operate overseas offices with the confidence that a significant part of their costs would be defrayed
  • It also allowed for additional marketing activities, such as providing potential clients with full samples of their custom built seats to help win new international business

The future

Beurteaux now supplies marine seating solutions for the Fast Ferry Industry throughout the world. Beurteaux are considered world leaders in the development of testing techniques and procedures to meet the increasing demands of passenger comfort and safety requirements for modern High Speed Craft.

Offices have been established at convenient locations to ensure immediate response to client requests, and the company continues to invest in the future of marine seating and set new standards in design and service. Constant research into all aspects of seat design, materials and technology maintains Beurteaux’;s reputation as a world leader in marine seating.