EMDG Funding

The Minster for Trade, Tourism and Investment – Simon Birmingham announced a funding boost of $60 million over three years for the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) scheme to provide support and certainty to Australian businesses with export ambitions.

In the last three years EMDG applicants have not always received their grant amount in full because the number of applicants increased each year but the level of funding remained constant. We urged the federal government to fully fund the EMDG program so that exporters will have surety in the amount of rebate to be received enabling more accurate budgeting and confidence when planning future marketing strategies.

Export Solutions has written to Ministers and others in government and Opposition, as well as a pre-budget submission – a selection of these can be found at the below links.   We are also aware a number of individual exporters and industry bodies have written to government calling for additional funding, telling their story of how EMDG has helped them grow their business, develop export markets, and often increase employment.

In March 2019 Export Solutions team members, and clients, met with the Trade Minister in Melbourne, and the Assistant Treasurer in Canberra.

You are welcome to read and use any parts of these correspondences below in your own submissions.

Export Solutions 2019 Pre Budget Submission – click here

Responses from Government: 

Export Solutions Letters to Government:

  • Export Solutions letter to The Hon. Scott Morrison MP – click here
  • Export Solutions letter to The Hon. Simon Birmingham – click here
  • Export Solutions letter to The Hon. J Frydenberg – click here

Export Solutions Letters to Government 2018:                                                                      
Responding Letter to the Minister for Trade, Tourism & Investment
Initial letter to the Minster for Trade, Tourism & Investment
Second letter to the Minister for Trade, Tourism & Investment

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2015 EMDG Review
2015 Review of the Export Market Development Grants scheme
Recommendations from Mr Michael Lee