Australia at FHA 2018 – Draft


Show dates:

18 to 22 Feb : Sunday to Thursday

22nd Feb is a real exhibition day and we highly recommend that you plan to man your stand for the entire day so that you do not miss out on Visitors returning for a 2nd or 3rd discussion.

Show opening hours:

18 – 21 Feb : 10am to 7pm

22 Feb : 10am to 5pm

Exhibitors can access the halls from 8am daily.

Recommended arrival date and time for Australian exhibitors at Trade Centre Arena (World Food), Hall 1 Al Multaqua (Dairy), Halls 3-4 Al Multaqua (Meat & Poultry) and Zabeel New Hall (Beverage):

17th Feb at 12noon. The hall will be open until 7pm, possibly later.

Please do not come to the show earlier than noon on the 17th expecting to start setting up your displays – the stands almost certainly will not be ready. However, you are welcome to be on site to check on your freight, collect exhibitor badges etc.

Exhibitor badges collection:

Exhibitor badges are to be picked up at the “Badge Collection Point”, from 13th Feb onwards, from 9am – 6pm.

Click here for a link to the venue map, with the Australian exhibitors sign in areas and hall location. Look for the huge sign along the walkway from the METRO where the coffee shops and cafes are.

Move-out date:

22nd Feb from 5pm onwards. Electricity will be cut off at 6pm. All are to clear the hall by 10pm.


Al Naboodah Cargo Centre LLC is the Official Freight Forwarder appointed by the Show Organiser.

Approximate Deadlines departing Australia:

Seafreight: 12 Dec 2016

Airfreight general cargo: 1 Feb 2017

Cargo Arrival Deadlines:

Seafreight (Jebel Ali Port): 6 Feb 2017

Airfreight general cargo (Dubai Airport): 9 Feb 2017

Al Naboodah’s contacts:

Reza Ahmed / Bakkiaraj Ramanathan

[email protected] / [email protected]

Tel: +971 4 4559 099

Freight contacts for Australia-wide cargo:

Below is a list of Australian Freight Forwarders who have experience in handling cargo for previous editions of Gulfood. Please contact them directly for quotation, freight schedule and documentation required.

Schenker Australia Pty Ltd

Global Events Logistics Pty Ltd

CT Freight Pty Ltd

Agility Fairs & Events Logistics Pty Ltd

Using your own Freight Forwarder:

Please download the Shipping Information here. You MUST provide this information to your Freight Forwarder. ALL freight queries must be made directly to Reza or Bakkiaraj of Al Naboodah Cargo Center.

Gulfood is a large show and we recommend that your Freight Forwarder consign the goods to Al-Naboodah Cargo Center, and that they contact Reza or Bakkiaraj for a quote, schedule and list of documentation required.

Sending Cargo from Within UAE:

Please contact Reza or Bakkiaraj for a quote and instructions.


Alpha Tours Dubai is the Official Travel Partner appointed by the show organiser (Dubai World Trade Centre) to help you organise your trip to Gulfood.

Their packages ranges from USD$750 to USD$2,650 and include:

  • 4 Nights accommodation with breakfast

We advise you to consider staying from 17th to 23rd Feb, totaling 6 nights.

  • Meet & Assist upon arrival
  • Arrival Transfers
  • Daily scheduled shuttle from/to the exhibition centre during the exhibition days
  • Departure Transfers

Click here to view their packages and contact Mr Anis Aridi / Tel: +971 (0)4 701 9111 / Mob: +971 50 640 6395 or Email [email protected]

Phone and Internet:

There is NO FREE INTERNET in the Halls.

Your options for phone and data include:

  1. Venue internet service – information is in the Exhibitor Service Forms which you can find in the Exhibitor Zone – username and passwords will be provided in December to access these forms.
  2. Etisalat – located in the Concourse outside Hall 5 – you need your passport. They have all SIM card sizes – the cost last year was about AUD$40 for 1gb data and a reasonable amount of local phone and SMS. They also have data packs for iPads and tablets, and dongles for laptops.
  3. Du – another phone supplier. Also located in the Concourse area – have similar products as Etisalat.
  4. Last Minute Shop – also in the Concourse closer to Hall 7 – have phone and internet products and also hire out display equipment. Last year, a 1GB USB dongle was AED250, and a 4GB was AED350 – they want your business card and a AED200 deposit.

TIP: Avoid the queues at the show venue by going to an Etisalat or Du outlet at a shopping center near your hotel.

Foreigners need to bring passports to register for a SIM card.


There is no common or general store room space in the Australian area or anywhere else in the show, so if you have bags or boxes, you will have to leave them in your stand or take them back to your hotel.

Gulfood 2018 “E-Zone”

E-Zone” is the Gulfood 2018 Exhibitor portal managed by Dubai World Trade Center. We will be issuing your usernames and passwords for this site in December. “E-Zone” will provide you with important show information including how to order visitor passes, promotional and advertising opportunities, exhibitor badges, venue internet service, show catalogue entry etc.

FHA 2018

  • Section 1 - Australian Exhibitor Directory and Logo

    Due 15 January 2018 - Compulsory

    Click here to view the Australian Exhibitor Directory at the last edition of Food & Hotel Asia(FHA).

    All companies will be listed in alphabetical order.
  • Maximum 30 Characters
  • Maximum 120 characters including spaces and symbols (Not 120 words!)

    The objective is to give readers a snapshot of your product offering 'at a glance', not a detailed description or story.

    Below is an example:
  • Upload in ai, eps, pdf or or jpg format only - at least 300dpi.

    We will print your logo as received, it is your responsibility to check that the logo sent to us is of high quality and meets specifications.

    Please send your highest resolution copy.

    Please note that this same logo will also be printed on the front of your lockable counter.
    Accepted file types: jpg, eps, ai, pdf.
  • Section 2 - Fascia Name Board

    Due 15 January 2018

    Please indicate below your exact exhibiting company name in English (Including spaces and punctuation) for use on the fascia name board.

    The fascia board for FHA 2018 is 1m high - almost three times the height of the Organiser's Walk-On Stand Package. This was done intentionally to give you the opportunity to have your name and logo prominently displayed on the fascia board.

    With the proportions of the fascia boards, we recommend that you choose a version of your logo which is aligned in more of a horizontal than vertical fashion ie a logo which has a larger width in comparison to its height. This will ensure that your logo can be printed as large as possible.

    Please click here to see an example of how the decisions you make regarding logo proportions and the inclusion of your company name affect the overall look of your fascia.
  • Please select the statement which best applies to you:
  • Maximum 30 characters.
    Leave this blank if you wish to only have your Company Logo on your Fascia Name Board.
  • If you wish to use a different logo for your fascia board than the one already provided in Section 1D which will also be used for printing onto the front of your Lockable Cabinet and Australian Exhibitor Directory, please upload it here.

    Otherwise, please leave this blank.
    Accepted file types: ai, jpg, pdf, eps.
  • Section 3 - Australian Stand Package

    Cityneon, one of the official stand builders appointed by the show organiser, has again been engaged to construct the Australian area at FHA 2018 and we will be working closely together to ensure a successful stand build for you

    Due 15 January 2018 - Compulsory

  • I have viewed the Design and Stand Entitlements.

    My choice is:
  • Section 4 - Additional Orders - Wall Graphics, Furniture, AV Equipment and Electricity

    Due 15 January 2018 - Optional

    The Australian Stand Package already includes Furniture, Lighting and Electricity as per the "Design and Stand Entitlements" via Section 3A above.

    Please ensure that you take that into consideration before placing any additional orders to avoid doubling up of items.

    If you wish to place orders for Wall Graphics, additional Furniture, AV Equipment and additional Electricity, please download the Order Form via Section 4D.

  • This section of the form is for graphics to be printed and installed by the stand builder, Cityneon.

    Alternatively you are able to organize or bring your own posters/wall graphics, but will then need to install these yourself.

    In our experience, we’ve noticed that full wall graphics on a booth really helps you get across your products or story in a visual way in what is a very “noisy” visual environment. Some examples are on the link below or click here to view various examples in previous shows.

    We have two options for the printing of your wall graphics, please click here for a visual depiction of their differences.

    Costs for graphics will be SGD$80 per sqm. (ie SGD$600 for a 3m wall)

    Submit your order by 15 January and artwork by 12 February 2018.
    20% Surcharge may apply for orders received after 15 January 2018.
    Onsite orders incur a 50% surcharge.

    Graphic prices include the special preparation of walls for graphic application and/or lining the walls.

    Download Wall Dimensions and Artwork Specifications here.

    Contact [email protected] if your stand size is not listed above.

    Please select the statement which best applies to you:
  • The Australian Stand Package already includes Furniture, Lighting and Electricity as per the "Design and Stand Entitlements" via Section 3A above.

    Click here to download the Furniture and AV Equipment Catalogue

    If you wish to place orders for AV Equipment and additional Furniture, please download the order Form via Section 4D.

    Due 15 January 2018
    20% Surcharge applies for orders received after 15 January 2018.
    Onsite orders incur a 50% surcharge.

    Please select the statement which best applies to you:
  • If you require additional power, please download the order Form via Section 4D.

    You will need to upload a Stand Layout of how/where you would like your power sockets are to be positioned. Refer to Section 6 for templates on Stand Layouts.
    Rough sketches are fine too!

    If you have a chiller, fridge or freezer in your stand, you must order 24 hours power.

    If you have cooking equipment in your stand, you must order high enough power to operate the equipment. The power included in the Australian stand package is NOT sufficient to operate a microwave, oven, deep fryer etc. It is only sufficient to run your laptop, mobile devices, TV, DVD etc.

    Due 15 January 2018
    20% Surcharge applies for orders received after 15 January 2018.
    Onsite orders incur a 50% surcharge.

    Please select the statement which best applies to you:
  • Due 15 January 2018
    20% Surcharge applies for orders received after 15 January 2018.
    Onsite orders incur a 50% surcharge.

    Download Order Form for Wall Graphics, Additional Furniture, AV Equipment and Additional Electricity here.

    Upload your Order Form here:
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, xlsx.
  • Section 5 - Refrigeration and Cooking Equipment

    Submit your order by 15 January 2018.
    Orders received after 29 January 2018 is subject to stock availability and may be subjected to a 20% late surcharge.

    Lowe Refrigeration is the official supplier for your refrigeration and cooking equipment, appointed by the show organiser (UBM SES).

    Grass Mats and Ice Trays are available upon request.

    Download Lowe Catalogue

    Download Lowe Order Form

  • Please select the statement which best applies to you in regards to refrigeration supply*:
  • Due 15 January 2018
    Surcharge may apply for late orders.
    Orders will be subject to stock availability after this deadline.

    If you wish to be billed in AUD or USD by Export Solutions, please upload your Lowe Order Form here and refer to Section 7 for Payment options by Export Solutions.

    If you wish to be billed by Lowe Refrigerations, please email your Order Form to [email protected] directly.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, xlsx.
  • Section 6 - Stand Layout Upload

    Due 15 January 2018
    Submissions received after 29 January 2018 and Onsite changes will result in a surcharge.

    Please provide sketch or description of how/where you would like your powerpoints, shelves, TVs, fridges, cooking equipment etc positioned. Rough sketches are fine!

    This is compulsory for Exhibitors with Refrigeration and Cooking Equipment as we must get the right electricity installed at the correct location.

    Below is a list of sample Stand Layouts for you to start with:
    - 9sqm
    - 12sqm
    - 15sqm
    - 18sqm
  • Upload your Stand Layout here:
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, xlsx.
  • Section 7 - Confirmation and Payment

  • Export Solutions will be issuing you an invoice for all your orders in January, either in AUD or USD.

    Please select your preferred payment option
  • Upon completion of this form, an email will be sent to this address in order to confirm your submission.
  • Submitting your FHA 2018 Form

    If you do not get redirected to this "Thank You" page, please review your submission and ensure the required fields (*) are completed.

  • Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)

    Exhibitors might be eligible for financial assistance to obtain a grant or rebate of part of the cost of exhibiting through the EMDG program. For more information, please click here or call 1300 559 619 to speak to one of our EMDG consultants on your eligibility.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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