Singapore as the Asian R&D Hub

04 February 2011

Singapore as the Asian R&D Hub

03 February 2011

At the forefront of the South East markets, the Singapore government plans to spend S$16.1 billion over the 2011-2015  period on research, innovation and enterprise. The new allocation is a 20% increase over the 2006-2010 budget. Singapore's Gross Expenditure on R&D (GERD) is expected to hit 3.5% of GDP by 2015 and can be expected to spur increased activity in both public and private, and the need for the latest equipment and technologies in analytical science.

Beyond Singapore's shores, ASEAN is expected to continue to spend 2.5% of its GDP on R&D as in 2010 while Asia is set to contribute 62% of the total global R&D spending.

With increasing attention and focus on higher value added research and manufacturing - AnaLabAsia 2011 (, caters to growing local and ASEAN scientific buyers.

Early bird rates will be ending on the 31st of March 2011.

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