Trade Minister Simon Crean meets with Export Solutions

12 October 2010

Trade Minister Simon Crean meets with Export Solutions

Minister for Trade Simon Crean and South Australian MP Steve Georganas met with our Adelaide team and clients in our office last Friday. This was our opportunity to THANK Mr Crean and the government for the "top up funding" announced in the Budget and to be provided this month to ensure that Australian exporters will get their FULL EMDG ( grant) paid our this year.

Stuart Mitchell thanked the Minister for this much needed funding and for his continuing support of the valuable EMDG scheme. He also stressed the importance of properly funding the scheme into the future and giving Australian businesses confidence to invest in developing export markets in these difficult economic times. It was noted that exporters must continue to express, in writing to the government, that the scheme is beneficial to the continuity and development of their business, including maintaining employment. As the Mortimer report to the government stated: "every dollar spent on EMDG generates anything from $13.50 to $27 in exports"



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