Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)

How does EMDG work?

The incentive is that eligible businesses will receive funding based on their level of overseas marketing spend. The program is non-competitive, and if you are eligible and have the right documents you will receive a grant. The pool of funds is currently $157.9 million per annum, and most industries and services are eligible.

It provides funding of approximately 50% of eligible marketing expenses with the maximum grant being $150,000 per annum (subject to available funding).

There are 2 EMDG programs available now:

01. Cash rebate for past expenses

This is the last year of the rebate program which provides a cash refund of approximately 50% of eligible international marketing expenses you paid last Financial Year (20/21).

If you are a first time Applicant you can claim for the past 2 Financial Years.

Applications are now open.

02. Up front Approval for future spend

New rules for marketing spend from July 2021 onwards.

Grant approvals for up to 50% of your planned international marketing spend. Greater up front funding certainty with grant agreements specifying the amount to be funded each year over 2 or 3 years.

Applications open 16th of August, now is the time to seek strategic advice.

Our team

Our experienced team is located across Australia, contact us to find out whether you are eligible and how much you may be entitled to. Contact us directly or let us know a day and time to call you.