BroadcastAsia 2012 – Show Daily

20 June 2012

BroadcastAsia 2012 – Show Daily

Moving Video to the Cloud

20 June 2012

Movideo does its business in a cloud - one that is increasingly covering larger and more significant parts of the Asia Pacific region.

The company could be described as a "cloud manager". It is an end-to-end online video platform that provides cloud services, tools and infrastructure for content owners to deliver video to just about any device with an Internet connection - smart TVs, iPads and tablet PCs, smartphones and others.

The ultimate purpose of delivering video is, of course, to make money. So Movideo (Booth 4B4-03) also helps companies to manage and monetise their video delivery.

"We call ourselves Asian media's preferred online video solution. Preferred means that we are the choice of the big boys," explains CEO Tony McGinn.

Already, Movideo's customer base includes Malaysia's Astro TV and Indonesia's MNC TV, news publishers Kompas of Indonesia and Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, and telcos Telkom Indonesia and SingTel's Australian subsidiary, Optus.

More big names may be added soon. "We are about to make a major announcement that will confirm our position as the preferred online video solution in Asia," Mcginn says, without giving details. "Our focus has always been on the Asia-Pacific and this is where we will grow the business."

Movideo started in Australia in 2004, where it originally developed its cloud management capabilities for its parent company, the publicly listed MCM Entertainment Group Limited. The platform proved so successful that Movideo was subsequently established as a separate company offering the platform to other video content owners.

The company currently has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Beijing. It has a global alliance partnership with Microsoft Windows Azure, which allows Movideo to utilise Azure's cloud computing platform.



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