Does your business have any EMDG grants left?

29 August 2014

Does your business have any EMDG grants left?

The EMDG program has been in existence since the mid 1970’s and over that period there have been many changes to the EMDG legislation. The majority of these changes are now irrelevant as they have no affect on an applications made today. Legislative changes that relate to the total number of applications a business can make is still very relevant. As you can see from the EMDG history below the potential number of applications has jumped up and down several times.

If there is any doubt or confusion about how many EMDG applications your organisation has made in the past then you should make absolutely certain. It is relatively quick to find out and Export Solutions can help you through this process. You may be pleasantly surprised.

We regularly hear from previous EMDG grant recipients who for any number of reasons have lost contact with the program.  It can sometimes be because export activity may have diminished and when it fires up again simply don’t get around to accessing the program, or in many cases it is simply because a staff member who was previously responsible for EMDG applications has left and no one else has taken over.

History of Eligible number of EMDG applications

1974/75 :  Program is started with no limit on the number of applications.

1990/91 :  Applicants restricted to 8 grants only.

1992/93 :  Increased to 8 plus 3 extra years for expenses promoting to new markets

2003/04 :  Decreased to 7 grants

2008/09 :  Increased from 7 to 8 grants

2010/11 :  Decreased back to 7 grants

2013/14 :  Increased back to 8 grants and this remains the current status.

For assistance with determining whether you have any remaining opportunities to gain support through EMDG funding please contact Gemma, Susan, Simon, Sam or Katarina on our contacts page.




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