EMDG Update: First tranche increased to $100,000 for Australian exporters

23 June 2020

EMDG Update: First tranche increased to $100,000 for Australian exporters

Austrade have announced that the first tranche payment for the 2019-20 grant year will be increased to $100,000 which is up from $40,000 last year.

This means that EMDG applicants applying for grants of up to $100,000 will receive the entire amount in full shortly after their grant has been assessed. Grants of over $100,000 will receive $100,000 shortly after assessment and the balance or % of the balance in late June, subject to availability of funds in the EMDG pool.

The other major change to the EMDG program for 2019/20 is that the export performance requirement has been temporarily waived. Grant entitlements will therefore be dependent on the level of expenses only.

This is in recognition that many exporters would have spent more on marketing expenses with the expectation they would see export income high enough to meet the export performance test.

If your business has incurred international marketing costs and is eligible for EMDG, it's likely that we can get you money back in July 2020 - our team are already preparing applications for this year.

To find out more about EMDG or whether your business is eligible, you can arrange a time to talk - click here.

About EMDG

EMDG is a federal grant program that provides Australian businesses with a reimbursement for 50% of eligible international marketing expenses up to $150,000.

The pool of funds is currently $157.9 million per annum, and most industries and services are eligible.

EMDG is not competitive, so if you are eligible - you will receive a grant.

On April 1 the Trade Minister announced an additional $49.9 million in funding for EMDG to support Australian exporters this year - click here to read the media release.

What expenses can you claim?

  • Social Media, Digital Ads, Website, Advertising etc.
  • Travel to overseas markets
  • Trade Fairs
  • Free Samples
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Overseas Representatives
  • Overseas Buyers
  • International Patent & Trademarks

Note: this is a rebate for expenses that you have already paid - a first time applicant can claim expenses as far back as 1 July 2018.

To be eligible, an entity must have:

  1. an ABN
  2. a turnover of less than $50 million in the year of application
  3. spent over $15,000 in the past 2 years promoting your goods, services or IP to potential overseas customers.
  4. received less than 8 previous EMDG grants
  5. principal status - ie. make the sale to the overseas customer (with some exceptions).


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