Case study: BON CHARGE formerly BLUblox – from a side hustle to a multimillion-dollar company

02 August 2021

Case study: BON CHARGE formerly BLUblox – from a side hustle to a multimillion-dollar company

BON CHARGE (formerly BLUblox) founded in 2017 by Perth couple Katie and Andy Mant while researching the effects of High-Energy Visible (HEV) light or blue light.

Katie and Andy discovered that the blue light emitted from phones, laptops, iPads, and other devices disturbs the production of melatonin, which can impact your sleep, mood and even digestion.

“Anti-blue light glasses are one of the most effective measures against the negative effects of artificial blue light. However, the only blue light glasses that were available at the time were ugly, poor quality, cheaply manufactured overseas and weren’t blocking in line with academic peer reviewed studies” says Katie.

After realising a gap in the market for evidence based, quality, Australian optics lab made blue light glasses that also look good, Andy and Katie launched their own brand, BON CHARGE.

Starting as a side hustle with a $1500 investment, BON CHARGE have grown to be a global leader in blue light management products.


Global marketing supported by EMDG

Katie and Andy utilised clever social media and digital marketing strategies to grow BON CHARGE, reaching a global customer base that were interested in the quality blue light glasses they produced.

As BON CHARGE blue light glasses are Australian made and due to their international customer base, BON CHARGE were eligible for an Export Grant to complement their existing international marketing efforts.


How did Export Solutions help?

BON CHARGE were marketing heavily to customers overseas and funding support through EMDG meant that Katie and Andy could be more aggressive in expanding their sales offshore.

“The whole process could not be simpler. They understood our business, products and market from day one and have made the whole process of applying for the grant seamless.

They worked with us before year-end, so that we could lodge in July 2021 – receiving our grant approval for the full amount within two weeks.

Export Solutions do all the leg-work for you, leaving you to focus on your business"

Andy Mant – Founder.

Beat digital eyestrain, headaches and improve sleep with style and comfort.
Click here to find out more about BON CHARGE products. 


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